lunedì 9 settembre 2013

LCF experience

I spent 5 weeks in London this summer and I had the time of my life.
This basically sums up everything, but of course a lot happened. I attended 5 short courses at the London College of Fashion: Introduction to fashion industry, Fashion PR&marketing, Fashion Media, Style&Culture and Media styling. 
I fell in love with the atmosphere in that school, I felt so comfortable, learnt so many things, had fun and understood which is the right place for me. 
I genuinely enjoyed going to school, which was the first time it happened to me hahah. 
I also met some amazing people, and hopefully I'll see them again at Uni (finger super crossed!). 
Each course was taken by credited people of the fashion industry. They were completely aware of what they were talking about and they made us feel like a part of it. I never felt useless, they taught us that every role is important and that everyone of us is able to give something to this industry.
I enjoyed every course, I had a great time learning, I felt inspired.

Each course thrilled me but I may have found what I like studying the most, that's why I've booked my place for the open days for fashion business, marketing and managment at LCF. Hopefully it'll help me choose the right course for me and figure out what I need for my application (oh the nerves!).
And, of course, I'm super excited to go back to London soon, I proper miss that city.

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