martedì 28 maggio 2013

About.. me

So hi! This is Jessica and.. yes, this is me. 
I've just started my own blog 30 mins ago.. ok no, im lying. Im just a miserable liar. I'm going to be honest; this is probably my 1973284th attempt of starting a blog. I started blogs and then left them dying, alone. Now, I'm not going to assure anybody this attempt will work out, but I'll try. 
The problem was, I believe, I didnt have a topic to write about. Yes, my passion is fashion but that's not the point, lots of people do and there are plenty of blogs about fashion out there. 
Fashion is not just what I'm interested in, it's what I want to do, it's what makes me want to learn from everything around me. 
So, this blog will be about me. And fashion. How are the two things connected? I'll explain. 
Before being a blogger ( hhaha okok, I'm not a blogger since i started 30 mins ago) I'm a professional blog's reader. I read lots and lots of blogs. I daily check my favourite ones and I love the way bloggers express themselfes by their blogs (I'm going to post about my favourite blogs soon!). 
So, as i already said, I'm 18, which means I'm a student, which means Im at that point of life when you have to decide, or at least starting to do it, who you'll be when you'll grow up. It's been already a year since i decided: fashion industry, here I come. 

Ok, actually I've decided just the industry where I want to work, but better than nothing!! The reason why I've not decided which position i want to take is that.. i'd like to do everything! I'd like to be a stylist, I'd like to be a pr, an event planner, a cool hunter, an editor.. pretty much everything.
I have one year of high school to go (the endless high school) but my next stop will be: Fashion school.
Yep, I've planned almost everything, what i miss is my admission haha. Step by step you will follow me, if you want.
I will share my ispiration, my thought, my fears, my dreams and whatever will come up :)
Why "Jessica's issue"? One of my favourite movies/documentaries is The september Issue, which i will dedicate a post about for sure, so.. I thought "I loved the behind the scenes of that issue, let's make this blog the same, but more personal". How stupid? I know but whatever.. lol
I havent said all i had to say, so you'll get to know me throughout this "adventure".
Oh, i almost forgot the basic: 
Hi! I'm Jessica, I'm 18 and I'm from Rome, Italy. 
You're not going to know me by blog posts, I like to express myself by images so here you have some I like and represent me a little bit.


(I don't own the photos!)

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