mercoledì 29 maggio 2013


Hi lovely people! It's me again! How surprising :)
Anyway, I've been thinking about this "blog thing" for the last 24 hours and you have no idea how it excites me!!
I don't have much to tell because i spent the last 24 hours studying or at school, so the time to dedicate to the blog is not too much. But i promise i will work out something very soon. I have to take just two exams (philosophy and greek lit uggggg, so much hate) and then i can consider myself free from any school work and I will dedicate myself into this project.
Now, I wanted to say hi so.. hi!
It's almost 9 pm and I had pizza for dinner so I'm definitely in a good mood.
Also, since I'm stuck home studying and I'm not able to enjoy this spring air I had a break from studying and used Polyvore (if you don't know what it is, check it out! It's a drug if you love styling like i do!) and dreamt about being on holiday in any seaside place.. okay i was daydreaming about being in Capri, which is the most amazing thing in this period! So here's my mood :) hope you enjoy!

I found this lovely denim dress and I thought "I can do whatever I want with it! Let's be creative" but the Capri's atmosphere made me think about a casual look so I choose some colorful flat sandals, the amazing Rocco by Alexander Wang in white (one of my favourite bags is the Rocco in black, but I couldnt resist this! I found it perfect.. and I'm obsessed with the Rocco so i couldnt help), the necklace, i think, makes the outfit more trending so i choose it. I wanted also that elegant touch by Capri so these sunglasses fitted with my idea.

I like playing with clothes just like a little girls likes playing those 'wear your doll' games (i've stopped playing them 2 years ago i must admit.. then i found out Polyvore! If this site didnt exist i probably could still be addicted to them hahaha).

Let me know what you think on everything! Tell me if you (yes, you! That person i hope reads my blog!) would like to know something about.. everything! Just tell :)

Im off to revise philosophy, my dad can't wait to hear what I have to say about Kant! I feel so sorry for him lol!


I leave with some Capri pictures from my holidays there, it's been soooo long! I miss that island!

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