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Paris - Île-de-France part. 1

Hi people! I disappeared for too long and I've no excuses. Actually I do; I've "moved" to London for 5 weeks to attend some courses at London College of Fashion (I'm going to dedicate other posts about this, too exciting to not share it with you, and this is what this blog is about), so I'd been pretty busy with the preparations and everything. This shouldn't have stopped from posting though.. of course.
Anyway, now I'm writing from my room in London and I'm going to talk about my first stop of my trip: Paris. This has litterally been a quick stop.
When buying the tickets to London I saw that I could stop in Paris first for some hours so I said "why not?". So that's what I did.
I left Rome on sunday morning heading to Paris. I arrived around 10 pm so around 11 i was at the Palais Royal Musee du Louvre metro stop.
I'd been to France two times, but, shame on me, since I was 6 the first time and 8 the second time, I was focused just on Disneyland (no regrets though, I'm looking forward to come back there as well). So I basically didn't know Paris at all; and I still don't: i had been walking for litterally 6 hours but there's too much to see.
Sooo, i arrived at my first stop: Musee du Louvre. People who know me know about my passion for museum, my mum used to take me to every museum we saw, while on holiday, in Rome (I'm glad to be born in one of the richest city in terms of history) so, even tho i hated her for that, I love to visit museums and learning things from what I see (I'm such a curious person, you have no idea)..

ANYWAY. I was thrilled to visit one of the most famous museums in the world, I was ready to spend my entire day there but, as I imagined, there was a long que, I was ready to que but not under the sun and with 25 degrees outside. So I had to gave up, hoping to come back in some hours and get in without having to que that much.
So I started walking throught the beautiful Tulieres Garden and something showed up: the top of the Tour Eiffel. I got SO excited and started walking trying to reach it.
As some of you may know, it wasn't that near, so, once I realised it, I kept walking anyways, crossed the Seine
 and kept walking. It was 12:30 when I started to think of how hungry I was so went to the first brasserie I saw, and finally ate.
However, I came back to the Louvre and saw the que was still there. That meant just one thing: next time in Paris I will dedicate an entire day to the museum, I already can't wait.
Sooo, i headed to my other destination: Galeries Lafayette. I love big shops, I love seeing all those beautiful items together, even though I'm not going to buy them.. I love shopping with my eyes if that makes sense. So what's better place than the popular Galeries Lafayette? I had to see it so I started walking. I had to have a quick espresso by the first Starbucks since I was soooooo tired. Heading to the Galeries I got to see Place Vendome and all the amazing shops around there, which unfortunately were closed, but that stopped me from wasting more time, I didn't have that much time.

Before the Galeries Lafayette I bumped into Printemps, which is another amazing deparment store. The sales were just great but there was no chance for me to bring any other bags since I had to head to London, but I got some necklaces I LOVED (I'll show you sometime, not now because I should take a photo of them, load them and everything, and my mood at the moment is: LAZY). I also got them for a really good price, so I'm really really happy. 

Okay, I just noticed I don't have my photos of the Galeries. I have them on my iPhone, so I will put them on my laptop and post them. For now this is what you got. I'm being really REALLY bad at the blog, but I've been in London for one week and a half now and here it's just crazy! I will tell you more, I promise. I have lots to tell you about actually. Today I finished my 2nd course at the Lcf (London College of Fashion) and yeah.. I'm having the time of my life.
I will finish telling you about Paris and then I'll moveon to London.
So sorry for being this late, I have no excuses.

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