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Fashion blogs - favourites

Hey there! I'm back! I can officially consider myself free from school! I waited a little bit before posting again, as I promised this is time to work on this blog, and I couldnt wait! So let's get into it :)
Today I'm talking about my favourite fashion blogs. I'm a professional blogger reader, I think this 'bloggers' phenonemon is taking the world and I find it amazing; a blog is where thoughts are shared by a normal person, not a journalist or anyone, just a person who wants to share whatever he/she has in mind, his/her passions and interests.
Since this is the start of my journey I wanted to dedicate a post about who has inspired me so far.

I'd start  from The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragni
I started following Chiara's blog since 2010. I had no idea of what a fashion blog was i must admit, it was a blog about fashion, personal style and it was love at first sight. I know what a blog was but on The Blonde Salad there wasn't a post I wasnt interested in. I remember I spent about 3 hours on her blog the first time. Since then i daily check The blonde salad whenever i go online. I can consider myself totally a fan of her, not just a reader. She's flawless, and whatever she wears looks amazing on her, the way she feels comfortable in what she wears and makes it hers. I couldn't think of a "Chiara's style" since it's so eclectic, she may change 7 diferent styles in a week and I love it, and this also makes people want to check her blog and instagram out every day. Trust me, every single day, as i said, i'm one of those people. Also, she's such a down-to-earth girl even though she's one of the most influential and famous fashion blogger at the moment. I love almost all of her photos, the smiley Chiara is more stunning than any other model with a deep look.
She created a career just by her passion and being herself and this can't help but inspires me. I had the pleasure to meet her last year, we were in a Yamamy store in Rome and there were other girls, we all had a nice chat and it was lovely, it was just like talking with a normal girl who shares your interests and passion. 
Oh, and i made this collage of Chiara's photos just by choosing them randomly, they're not my favourite ever, it would take 97837439847 collages to put all my favourite outfits of her :) lol

Another favourite fashion blog of mine is StyleScrapbook by Andy Torres
I found Andy's blog thanks to Chiara Ferragni, they've been friend for a while and scrolling through Chiara's posts I found her blog and fell in love. StyleScrapbook talk about Andy in all. Every outfits seems to represent her and I love it. Her style is unique, an 'Andy's style'; they way she uses accessories is amazing, and every combination seems made just for the outfit. 
I saw some of her interviews on YouTube and her story is truly inspiring. She decided to move to Europe from Mexico because of her dream to work in the fashion industry. Despite the fact she didn't find a job she didn't give in and kept following her dream. This may seem a fairytale but it's not. She's a girl who by doing what she loves the most has made it. I love her creativity that you can see not just from her outfits but also from her DIY; since she was a tall kid she also learnt how to create clothes for her.. To me, Andy Torres is an inspiration, I'd love to succeed in my career the way she did. 

How can i not mention THE fashion blog? The Sartorialist
I hardly believe that you don't know who I'm talking about. Scott Shuman is the genius of the blogs. You can check this blog out and end up 4 hours later still scrolling through his posts. 
The Sartorialist is a blog about street style, but it's not as simple as it seems. He basically invented street style. 
By 'streetstyle' (I'm sorry I'm saying "streetstyle" too many times haha) he doesn't mean just the people wee see in Vogue or something else during fashion weeks and events, he captures in a photo a normal person doing anything, like shopping, walking, jogging, eating, a n y t h i n g and makes him/her a model in a photoshoot. What is magical of his photos is that it's not a photoshoot. He basically decides what it's fashione to him in a normal day, in any street, in any part of the world. I love The Sartorialist, and no blog compared to The Sartorialist.

Weworewhat is a blog I've recentely fallen in love with. I don't see myself in Danielle's style, but this makes it more fascinating to me. I love, LOVE her sense of style. She's able to take inspiration from anywhere and turns it into outfits. She's trendy in her own way. She makes an item unique and totally hers, like beanies and sunglasses which are worn by her in a way I adore. Her vintage style is unmatched. 

Another blog I've been enjoying lately is Peace Love Shea by Shea Marie
You can find lots of interesting posts on Shea's blog, her outfits may be simple and the day after they may be the most sophisticated; her cooking posts are so yummy to read, I must admit I've never tried any recipe but evertime I read a new one I promise myself I'll do it sometime. I love also her beauty posts, her make up is never too much, and it makes her a natural and fresh girl aka the look I love the most. 

I hope I've suggested you some new blogs you didn't know, if so go check them out. If you already knew these blogs, well than I hope you agree with me :) 
I'll see you veeeery soon! I may be styling a shoot I've wanted to do for a while with the help of my best friends, we'll see what happens. 
Thanks for reading!
Jessica xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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