domenica 10 novembre 2013

Shoot - Von Vonni Transformer Dress

So, recently (ok, not really recently, but I just had the time to select and organize them) I did a photoshoot with the help of two of my bestfriends. One modelled and the other one took the photos, I styled and organized it! :D

It's been really fun, we spent a nice afternoon despite the weather.  The rain ruined our plans for the shoot, but we didn't want to waste the day; so we kicked my sister out of her room (sorry, sis!) and used her black wall. I must admit I didn't approve it at first when she decided to paint it, but it turned out to be very useful.
I'm happy with the result, Marzia (the model) beared the all day with me telling her what to do, how to pose, how to breath!! She's been pretty patient, that's the price for being a model and a friend of mine ;) Francesca has been amazing, she just did what I wanted and we couldn't be a better team.
The dress you see is the same in all the pictures. It's brilliant because you can style it in as many ways you want.
I apologize to my blog for not being present at all. I've been busy with school and everything, but I also travelled a liiiittle bit. I've been to London and Barcelona the last two weeks, now it's definitely time for me to stay at home (uffffffff), study (super uffffff) and focus on Uni's application #frustrationandstresscomeatme.
I had the best time in both London, which I extremely missed and already miss, and Barcelona, gotta love Spain, sangria and spanish people!
Hope you enjoyed, I definitely did doing the shoot :D
Grazie a Mizzi e Franci per essere state perfette, avermi aiutato e sopportato, vi voglio tanto bene! 
Below Marzia at the end of the shoot 

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