mercoledì 25 dicembre 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, my lovely blog! And whoever is reading this.
I had an amazing day, actually, it's been two lovely days: I spent all yesterday baking (and I made a pretty amazing profiterol shaped as a Christmas tree, clap clap to me and my second mum/family's friend/idk how to call her lol), had an excellent dinner all together, then had a perfect breakfast and wrapped my presents with my family, had a Christmas lunch with my beloved ones and.. basically we ate a lot.
I also got some beautiful presents, which I'm really grateful for.
I shared these days with the people I love and I couldn't ask for better.

I spent the afternoon at Piazza Navona, which is the perfect place in Rome to feel the Christmassy air. I just love it there!

My big love (aka Jimbo) feeling festive!

Merry Christmas! Even though it's officially over, since it's 00:30, but I swear I started this post when it was still xmas.
I hope you all had an amazing day with the people you love, because that's what Christmas is about. And of course, a lot of delicious food!
I'm sorry if I didn't post any good Christmas pic, but despite the fact our Christmas tree is beautiful (red theme!) I find the light in our livingroom to be really bad to take pictures so.. no pics! And the food pictures.. I.. basically forgot to take them and just ate lol! But you did get my masterpiece from yesterday :) (I love baking).
Not the most beautiful post about Christmas, but I felt like wishing Merry Christmas to my blog too!
I used the word "Christmas" a loooot in this post, but it's Christmas!! (it was, at least..)
Lots of love!

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